Friday demonstrators demand prosecution of Mubarak officials

Thousands of Egyptians staged mass demonstrations in several cities on Friday, demanding the prosecution of former officials and the removal of remaining officials tied to the Mubarak regime.

About 50,000 protesters gathered in Tahrir Square after Friday prayers in what has become a weekly ritual that has evolved since the first Friday protest of the revolution on 28 January. They chanted slogans demanding that Mubarak officials be put to trial, including former Shura Council Speaker Safwat al-Sherif, former Speaker of the People's Assembly Fathi Sorour and former Chief of Staff Zakareya Azmi.

Protesters also rejected the draft law criminalizing strikes and protests that disrupt work, which was proposed by the cabinet. If approved by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the law would impose harsh penalties on protesters, including a fine of up to LE100,000 for those who participate in, or incite protests that disrupt public or private institutions.

There was a significant Muslim Brotherhood presence at this week's Friday demonstration, according to protesters.
With many of their demands already met, about 10,000 protesters gathered in Alexandria in front of Leader Ibrahim Mosque after prayers to call for the removal of remaining Mubarak-era officials.
In Suez, political forces and martyrs' families organized more than one protest in Arbain district.
Though Egyptian authorities slapped al-Sherif, Azmi, and Sorour with travel bans Thursday, observers say that the government is stalling the prosecution of these key players of the Mubarak regime.

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