Foreign Ministry warns Egyptians studying abroad of fraud

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry warned Egyptian students studying abroad of the increase in cases of fraud by students’ intermediaries or persons claiming to be representatives of the Egyptian community abroad.

Citizens wishing to study abroad should be cautious when dealing with intermediaries and verify the data of foreign universities where they are to be enrolled, the ministry urged in a statement issued on Tuesday.

The Foreign Ministry appealed to citizens to take into account the conditions for admissions at universities and the validity of the registration procedures at those universities.

The ministry also asserted that, before studying abroad, students should ensure that the academic certificates they will receive from foreign universities could be approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

Egyptian expatriate students were also warned about dealing with any persons claiming to be representatives of unknown entities, because some people seek to exploit and mislead students, especially those who are expats.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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