Foreign Ministry denies Gizawy given death sentence in Saudi

The Saudi General Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution has not yet issued an indictment in the case of Ahmed Mohamed Sarwat, who is known as Ahmed al-Gizawy, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Amr Roshdy said Monday.

Roshdy said the reports claiming that Gizawy had been given a death sentence are false and that he is yet to be tried, nor has a trial date been set.

He explained that interrogations had ended and that all sessions had been attended by a legal adviser from the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah. He added that Gizawy was allowed to call his family in Cairo to inform them of developments first hand.

Roshdy added that the assistant foreign minister for consular affairs had met with Gizawy’s wife, Shahenda Fathy, and sister to discuss the case and receive the documents related to the trial which will be delivered to Jeddah.

He said the Egyptian Consulate in Jeddah will continue to closely follow the case in order to ensure that Gizawy receives a fair trial. He went on to say that the consulate is awaiting Fathy’s answer concerning the defense lawyer she wishes to hire on behalf of her husband.

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