Following cabinet reversal, professors threaten general strike

Egyptian university professors on Saturday renewed calls for a general strike at the start of the new academic year, given that the cabinet has backtracked on its original decision to dismiss university leaders.

Professors said that the cabinet decided to carry out elections only for the offices where the terms of presidents holding those offices expire this year.

They accused the Supreme Council of Universities of manipulating and circumventing the rules agreed upon by professors in a meeting last Saturday.

The Academics for Reform Movement criticized the military junta for not approving the cabinet’s decision to sack university leaders in August.

Earlier, the cabinet had promised to sack university heads in August, before the start of the new academic year.

Ain Shams University Independence Movement held an urgent meeting on Saturday to discuss how to respond to the recent cabinet decision.

Professor Khaled Samir, spokesperson of the movement, said that the movement vows to start a general strike if its demands are not met.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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