FJP discusses 100-day plan with political forces

The secretariats of the Freedom and Justice Party in all Egyptian governorates have started holding intensive meetings with a number of youth and revolutionary forces as well as representatives of political parties and movements, to help the presidency and government implement the 100-day plan promised by President Mohamed Morsy upon his election.

Ali Khafagy, the secretary general of the FJP in Giza, said, "The party held several meetings during the past few days with a number of political forces; and youth and revolutionary coalitions, to develop proposals in regards to five files that the president had promised to handle during the first 100 days of him taking office. They are security, order, traffic, gas and bread.

"The role of the party and other forces is to form commissions to contribute to the implementation of the plan and to assist the government and the presidency in the application and submission of proposals, not to do the work instead.

"It is expected to start with the security file, then the traffic file with the help of a group of specialists," he added. "The plan includes thousands of youth volunteers who work very hard to achieve the Renaissance Project. Volunteers are from both the FJP and other [forces].The government will be the tool to implement the proposals presented by those young people. There is going to be meetings next Tuesday with all forces to determine the date to start working."

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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