Fishermen rescued as boat sinks in Red Sea

A fishing vessel sank in the Red Sea between Egypt and Saudi Arabia after part of the ship was damaged.

All 31 crew members were rescued and taken to a Saudi seaport, according to state-run MENA.

The Ataka seaport in Egypt's province of Suez received an emergency message from "al-Baraka" boat, saying that the vessel snagged something and was damaged, MENA reported.

The agency quoted Ataka's manager, Wagdy al-Nuweshy, as saying that a ship working in petroleum services made the rescue.

Meanwhile, Wafd newspaper's website reported that boat sank early Wednesday morning because the crew failed to fix its inoperative engines and lost control amid inclement weather conditions. The crew was rescued by an oil tanker, the website said.

Wafd noted that the boat sailed from Ataka two weeks ago and planned to fish for one month in the Red Sea.

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