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First Egyptian-made ventilators distributed to university hospitals in Egypt

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the distribution of 50 of the first batch of Egyptian-made ventilators to university hospitals, during April.

A report issued by the Ministry of Higher Education stated that the step was part of a project to produce and manufacture respirators with 100 percent Egyptian technology.

The project is being implemented by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization and an Egyptian technology startup company.

They are specialized in designing and manufacturing electric medical devices.

The project has high economic feasibility as it provides respirators that are produced locally thus saving the costs of the rise in international prices and in turn the medical services provided to the Egyptian patient, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research said.

The production of this type of device locally is a golden opportunity for Egypt in terms of achieving sufficiency, reducing the import bill and possibly exporting to many regions that suffer from a shortage of ventilators, such as Africa and Central Asia.

Egypt is the first country in the Middle East and Africa to produce ventilator with 100 percent Egyptian technology, President of the Academy of Scientific Research, Mahmoud Saqr, said, adding that the final product is already available for use in hospitals and efficiently serves patients.

Saqr explained that work is underway to develop the production of the device to cover the categories of ventilator, which include three types: the high-flow oxygen device, the penetrative breathing device and the penetrating breathing device, after obtaining the required approvals.

The project comes under the “Apply Your Idea” initiative launched by the Academy of Scientific Research at the beginnings of the coronavirus pandemic, aiming to design an easy-to-transport ventilator that works in all environments, whether field hospitals, normal rooms or intensive care units, as well as homes.

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