Finance minister says new budget to focus on health, education, social protection

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said Tuesday that the 2024-2025 budget will mainly be allocated for human development in terms of health and education.

This is part of a strategy meant to build Egyptian citizens and support economic activities, especially in production sectors, such as the industry and agriculture, and exports, the minister said in a statement.

The plan also aims at providing social protection for the most vulnerable segments and improving the living conditions of the middle-income brackets, he added.

Maait reiterated commitment to encouraging the growth of the private sector, which will serve as a key player in the economic development process.

The Finance Ministry will also adopt a balanced approach in dealing with inflationary effects so as to ease the burdens on citizens, he assured.

The minister vowed to continue efforts to achieve financial security as part of a blueprint to comprehensively upgrade the economic performance.

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