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Final ruling dismisses Mortada Mansour from Zamalek SC presidency

The Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt on Sunday issued a final ruling upholding the removal of Mortada Mansour from the presidency of Zamalek Sporting Club.

The court rejected two appeals, one filed by Mansour, and the other by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, against the previous Administrative Court ruling to dismiss Mortada and remove his status as president of Zamalek Club.

Three months ago, the administrative judiciary obligated the Egyptian Minister of Sports, Ashraf Sobhi, to announce the demise of Mortada’s status as president of Zamalek, and recommended elections be held for the vacant position in the first general assembly.

The ruling came after Mortada was convicted by a final ruling from the Cassation Court in February for “insulting and slandering” the president of al-Ahly Sporting club Mahmoud al-Khatib.

The administrative judiciary relied on the bylaws of the Egyptian sports clubs’ statutes, which stipulate that, “The membership of any member of the board of directors shall cease in the event that a final verdict is issued against him with a penalty restricting his freedom.”

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