Family feud kills 5 in northeast Cairo

Disagreements between two families in al-Marg, in northeast Cairo, have led to the deaths of five people and the burning of a number of houses, according to security sources.

Three members from the family of Abdel Salam are alleged to have shot at members of the Abu Shaqra family, before fleeing.

Sources say that the gunmen were then tracked down by members of the Abu Sahqra family, who exacted their revenge, shooting three people dead.

Two people not related to the feuding families were killed in house fires started during the initial confrontation.

Local residents clashed with police and military forces deployed to deal with the unrest. Police investigators from Cairo are now searching the area for the killers, who remain at large.

The corpses of the five killed in the incident were sent to a morgue.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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