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This fall, make your own style

Even though the sun is still ruthless and the oven-like sensation inescapable, technically, at least, fall is upon us, which means you have a license to layer.

This self-proclaimed fall season, mix and match items from your summer and winter wardrobes to create your own personal and sophisticated sense of style.

Climb out of your shell and mismatch your prints for the next few months. Don’t tuck away your floral summer dresses just yet; pairing them with a polka dot cardigan and boots will give you the edge you need to truly stand out in the crowd. A neutral-colored checkered cardigan (white, greys or black) paired with bold-colored prints will give you a fun, artful collage. This look is all about eccentricity, but still, to avoid looking like a potato salad, opt for items in complementary colors (red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and violet), or those belonging to the same range of tone.

As the weather decides to grace us with an occasional light breeze, your appetite for outings is likely to increase. Spend your evenings in style by pairing a classic black dress with a tiny leather jacket for a fresh and dynamic look. This outfit is all about adding a hip twist to your fancy evening wear. Try a long, bright-colored cardigan over a plain blouse and pencil skirt, or drape a large floral scarf over a fitted, sparkly dress.

In a time when leaves are turning brown and the sky becomes a murky kind of blue, you are free to take on the role of the blooming flower. Get out your bright hues, specifically items in red, fuchsia and electric blue. The energetic sense they give off will reflect back on you. Clashing colors are all the more energetic, so do not hesitate to pair your orange skirt with a pink top.  

Wear red when you absolutely refuse to be unnoticed, and emerald green for a chic, timeless look. Purple is perfect for an outgoing and stylish look, and cobalt blue could be a recipe for fun. If you are into metallics, you will be happy to hear that gold is undeniably trendy this fall.  

For a sophisticated yet hip outfit, pull on your skinny jeans and then dig deep for your oversize blazer. Too plain? Well, a colorful shirt could make matters more dynamic. Alternatively, keep the classic look by wearing a plain white shirt and grabbing a vibrant scarf for a dramatic effect.

Adding a fitted vest to a blouse or a waistcoat to a flowy dress will create a nice shape for your body and add sophistication to otherwise plain items. But if you want to hide your curves rather than accentuate them, pair a short fitted jacket or bolero with a long, flowy top.

Because this fall’s trends include long cardigans and fuller skirts, you will need to have your brown leather belt out at all times. Fasten your belt over your outfit to define your waistline, rendering a more feminine look. A colorful fabric sash or light floral scarf could be alternatively wrapped around your waist, creating an even more dynamic look.

Many of your summer items will transition well into fall. Keep your denim jacket or denim shirt out; they can be paired with floral scarves and funky accessories. Also, your ballerina flats and standard pumps will be useful in the upcoming pre-boot era. A floral blouse is perfect this fall, and it can be paired with a fitted jacket for a feminine yet independent look. The white shirt is essential in every season, so keep yours right where it is, and pair it with a fitted vest and a long bright scarf for a fun, casual look. Your black dress, floral dress, or shirtdress is also allowed to stay, because paired with tights and a biker jacket, they will make your evenings sassier than ever.

When it comes to jewelry, eccentricity is also the answer. If you own a thin, jeweled belt, drape it around your neck to invoke the element of surprise. Invade your hair with many thin, multi-colored headbands to spice things up. Colorful bangles will also add energy to your look. You can borrow your baby girl’s jewelry, eliciting second glances at your cupcake earrings or plastic butterfly necklace. Long necklaces also make for a dramatic look, especially over a fitted dress.

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