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Fairmont offers Lifestyle Cuisine Plus

The mark of excellent service is the constant ability to adapt and change, while keeping consistent quality. While the Fairmont’s quality of service is something to be judged by its stars and its success as a hotel, the Fairmont Nile City’s ability to change has far exceeded our expectations. After working through a summer campaign of fabulous burgers and keeping up with the wave of local fashion designers in 2010, their new Lifestyle Plus cuisine is right on the mark.

Egypt may not be up to keep up with worldwide shifts to gluten free, sugar-free, heart healthy and vegan cuisine but the Veggie Fest held last Saturday, 8 January and the recent influx of organic and whole wheat products is a sign of a new health consciousness in the city. But the Fairmont Nile City won’t wait and has launched a new set of menus for those who either prefer these diets or depend on them for medical reasons.

Don’t worry – these new menu selections do not negate the fabulous fare at the Napa Grill or the ‘select your own ingredients’ option at Saigon Bleu – on the contrary, the Lifestyle Cuisine Plus menu is available by request only and can be ordered anywhere at the Fairmont, in the bars, in the restaurants, in your room and – as a banquet menu for your events!

The tasting session of the Fairmont’s new health conscious menu was an interesting experience – with options as tame as tomato-red lentil soup with yoghurt and parmesan (gluten free) to a dried fruit couscous (vegan) and a nut-yoghurt smoothie. The food was light, the flavors harmonious. Although the Lifestyle Cuisine Plus comes at a price, it’s a great idea for a healthier lunch and an excellent resource for tourists and residents who depend on these diets to keep their digestive and heart health intact.

Available menus include:

Gluten free
Gluten free diets exclude grains like wheat, rye, barley and couscous and include only corn, rice and soy. Gluten free diets are meant not only to improve digestions but are also helpful for a number of other disorders including gluten allergies.

Raw food
Meant to increase energy, raw food diets mean that no food should be heated to above 46 degrees Celsius in order to preserve nutritional elements of the foods as well as digestive enzymes that are removed through a cooking process.

A macrobiotic diet is one rich in nutrients, fiber and good fats. Many people follow a macrobiotic diet for life, keeping foods balanced and simple and directly relating food to well being and happiness.

Heart healthy
Dishes high in good fats, fiber and minerals–including foods low in cholesterol and high in fiber.

Dishes low in sugar and high in fiber, also smaller portions to be consumed throughout the day.

Dishes that include no animal derivatives–not only without meat but without dairy, honey, etc.–no ingredients with any relation to animals.

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