Factory emissions in Fayoum cause over 200 residents to suffocate

A gas leak from bio-factories in the industrial Kom Oshim area caused over 200 residents of Ezbet al-Asfar, Fayoum, to suffer from suffocation on Friday.
Undersecretary of the Health Ministry in Fayoum Mohamed Abdel Mohsen said 176 received first aid in ambulances without the need to be transferred to hospitals. Twenty-five were transferred to Fayoum General Hospital and five others to Tamiya Central Hospital.
Air samples were sent for analysis to Health Ministry labs to determine which factory caused the air pollution. 
Residents of Ezbet al-Asfar said the incident was the second of its kind and called for protection from the factories' poisonous emissions. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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