Facebook users condemn cancellation of Safinaz show in Tanta

A large number of Facebook users have expressed their anger at the cancellation of a show by the Armenian bellydancer Safinaz, scheduled on Thursday in Tanta, Gharbiya governorate.
Mohamed Metwally said he succeeded to get 5 tickets for himself and his family, but was surprised by the cancellation of the event for security reasons, following a decision of the Gharbiya security director. 
Metwally added: "How come the police cannot secure an event that will gather only 500 people? Doesn't this mean the security system in the governorate has failed?"
Facebook users have launched a campaign demanding the dismissal of Gharbiya security director over the cancellation of the event.
"All major cities organize entertainment events," said Ahmed Madblouly, adding he bought tickets for himself, his wife and his three children.
"Tanta will never be urbanized," said Mohamed Lotfy in anger. He also believes the police should be perfectly able to secure an event that gathers less than 500 people.
The event would have contributed to promoting tourism, but the security leaders have preferred to cancel it, he added.
The show was reportedly cancelled after a claim filed by number of lawyers, citing security concerns.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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