Expert: Egypt to be spared volcano fallout

Weather Forecast Authority Spokesman Ali Qutb has said that Iceland’s volcanic cloud, which was expected to reach Egypt on Wednesday, had changed course north of the Mediterranean Sea and is currently moving away from Egypt. He predicted normal temperatures in coming days and ruled out the possibility of acidic rainfall.

Meanwhile, traffic at Cairo Airport resumed on Wednesday after having seen six straight days of travel disruptions.

“Flights to Europe have been resumed, except to Munich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam,” said Cairo Airport Director Hassan Rashid. “Air traffic at the Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada airports is also back to normal.”

Most European airports, too, are back in business after the volcanic cloud receded by an estimated 80 percent, leaving the skies over Europe relatively clear.

Geologists, however, warn that Europe should brace for another, even bigger volcano, which is expected to erupt in Iceland within the next three months.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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