Ex-Prime Minister’s trial adjourned to June

The Cairo Criminal Court adjourned the trial of former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to 9 June in order to summon experts from the Illicit Gains Authority.

Nazif was referred to court over charges of accumulating LE64 million illegally.

Assem al-Gohary, assistant Justice Minister for the Illegal Gains Authority, demanded that Nazif return the money and fined him the same amount following 10 months of investigations.

According to investigations, Nazif abused his power for personal gain for himself and his sons. He illegally acquired a plot of land and an apartment in a massive housing and tourist project in Alexandria, worth a total of LE64 million.

Nazif is alleged to have also established the Child and Society Development Institution at the Smart Village claiming it was a non-profit organization when in reality its services charged fees.

Nazif allegedly forced government institutions to donate a total of LE35 million to this institution.

He also received gifts from journalistic institutions and abused his position to employ his sons and wife, according to investigations.

Nazif was also unable to state how he earned another LE5 million that he allegedly earned through abuse of power.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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