Ex-parliamentary speaker released in one case, re-imprisoned for another

An Egyptian judicial authority on Monday ordered the release of former parliamentary speaker Fathi Sorour on a bail of LE100,000 pending investigations into charges of illegal acquisition of wealth.

But Sorour was taken back to Tora prison for another 15 days' imprisonment pending investigations into his alleged involvement in attacks on protesters during the 25 January revolution. 

Assem al-Gohary, head of Egypt's Illicit Gains Authority (IGA), told the press that Sorour's release does not indicate he has been acquitted of charges. Committees of experts continue to examine the sources of Sorour's wealth.

Judicial sources have said that Sorour has submitted documents stating that the assets attributed to him by the Administrative Control Authority do not belong to him and that he accumulated his wealth through legal means.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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