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EUROCONTROL praises Egypt’s management to air traffic during exceptional circumstances

The European safety and security authority EUROCONTROL praised Egypt’s efficient planning of air traffic management in Egyptian airspace, amidst the closure of the airspace within neighboring countries.

The daily report issued by EUROCONTROL said that Egypt’s efficiency in air traffic management led to an increase in operating rates and numbers of aircraft, which intensified pressure on Egyptian airspace.

Egypt immediately dealt with the matter smoothly, the report said, showcasing the expertise of the human personnel working in the air surveillance and navigation system – especially under exceptional circumstances – and their commitment to the highest international security and safety standards.

EUROCONTROL also praised Egypt and Saudi Arabia for immediately activating an emergency plan between their aviation regions, determining specific routes with high precision that helped accommodate emergency air traffic under exceptional circumstances.

The authority thanked the civil aviation authorities, navigation and air control system of the two countries for their efforts in dealing with this emergency situation quickly efficiently.

Complete coordination was immediately established between the two sides and the necessary support was provided to accommodate the incoming air traffic resulting from the diversion of many aircraft from their usual air route to both Egyptian and Saudi airspaces, the authority added.

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