ETPB: Egypt invests in new regions, tourism infrastructure

Egypt has ambitious plans for sustainable growth by investing heavily to improve its infrastructure and develop new tourism areas, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB) Amr el-Kady said in an interview with the German fvw TravelTalk magazine Friday 23/12/2022.

The CEO of the ETPB referred to the setting up an incentive program for airlines and financially supporting every airline flying to an Egyptian airport, noting that if tour operators include Egypt in their marketing campaigns, then the Egyptian side would take over part of the costs, the magazine said.

El Kady pointed to fam trips, press trips and working with influencers are also part of the campaign as the authority is investing in the tourism infrastructure, reported fvw TravelTalk magazine.

Mr. El Kady highlighted expansion of the road and motorway network and the establishment of tracks for high-speed trains to connect the Nile region and the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, adding that construction works should be completed within the upcoming three years, underlining investments in renewable energies, according to the magazine.

The official said holidaymakers would be able to travel much faster, for example, to the pyramids of Giza, saying that a lot of money is being directed to the infrastructure sector in Egypt as the high-speed trains alone cost one billion US dollars, it said.

El Kady highlighted importance of focusing more on medical, religious and ecotourism, added the magazine.


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