Embassy attempts to evacuate Egyptians from Libya clashes

The Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli is continuing Sunday its efforts to evacuate Egyptians and others trapped in the regions of Wadi al-Mardom and Bani Walid in Libya, where tribal clashes are taking place.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Amr Roshdy told German news agency DPA that the Egyptian ambassador in Tripoli, Hesham Abdel Wahab, held an urgent meeting with the Libyan authorities.

Abdel Wahab directly contacted the commander of the Libyan army in Zliten to find out if the roads to Wadi al-Mardom are secure enough to allow the evacuation of a remaining 1,110 Egyptian citizens.

Roshdy said that three buses were sent on Friday to transfer Egyptian citizens but the security situation prevented them from passing through Zliten on their way to Wadi al-Mardom. The embassy arranged for them to stay near Zliten and to move on to Wadi al-Mardom as soon as possible.

Libyan security sources told Egypt's official news agency MENA on Saturday, “There are attempts to send 10 buses to the two regions.”

“The vehicles will move on Sunday morning, from the capital Tripoli,” the sources added.

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