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EMA warns of floods in Sudan, heavy rain in southern Egypt

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) announced that Sudan is experiencing a massive wave of floods due to heavy seasonal rains, and expected that the rain will extend to southern Egypt in the coming days.

The heavy rains in Sudan are caused by the progression of the tropical separator, which is an imaginary zigzag line that arises near and parallel to the equator. The line advances during the summer period as a strong force called Coriolis pushes the air north.

The low pressure created by the heat and air results in many thunderstorms, as humid currents float upwards and form cumulus clouds that rise to tens of kilometers upwards, leading to heavy rain.

The EMA said that the competent authorities in Sudan issued weather warnings in the country over the next few days and expects serious flooding.

It added that southern Egypt is vulnerable to similar weather over the next few days.

The EMA added that it will continue to publish information related to rain forecasts and the movement of the tropical interval on Egypt and Sudan on a daily basis.

Last Friday, Sudan witnessed heavy rain and winds in its Al Matma locality, which led to the collapse of a number of houses and the damage of a school in the Abu Raqiwa and Zidab area, as well as the death of a student who drowned in the Blue Nile.

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