Eleven fishermen rescued after boat sinks in Red Sea

Red Sea authorities have rescued 11 fisherman after their boat, named “Nemaat Allah”, sank in the Red Sea on Thursday.

Authorities received a distress signal stating that the boat was sinking due to a hole in the fuel tank, Red Sea Governor Amr Hanafi said.

Coming from Suez, the boat sent out the signal near Geisum Island, three maritime miles away from east of Gouna.

Rescuers transferred the men to a second fishing boat, “Karam Allah” and headed back to shore, where medical teams were waiting for them.

The rescue was successful despite being made difficult because the men had draped fishing nets across the boat’s motor.

Hanafy said that he checked on the men, and they are in good condition.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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