Elections Update: Wafd Party cites flagrant violations against its candidates

The Wafd Party in a press statement has accused the National Democratic Party (NDP), with the help of the security apparatus, of rigging today's parliamentary election.

Party officials said flagrant violations were committed against its candidates.

Wafd said one of the supporters of the NDP candidate in Atmeeda, Daqahliya attacked Sayyed Sulaiman Mohamed Amasha, the brother of the Wafd competitor in the district. The victim was injured and transported to hospital.

In Assiut, representatives of Wafd candidates were denied access to the polling stations. In Komombu district, representatives of the Wafd Party were not permitted on the stations' premises, as thugs supporting the NDP candidate seized the polling station with the help of security forces, the Wafd Party said.

The Wafd Party also said wide-scale fraud marred the voting process in Cairo's Shubra and Sahel districts. The representative of Taher Abu Zeid, the Wafd candidate in Sahel, was also denied access.

The party further said that the head of the Mohamadeyya School polling station in the Matareyya constituency has manipulated the ballots to favor NDP candidacies. In the Malek al-Saleh School in Cairo's Manyal district, ballots were allegedly tampered with to favor NDP candidates, as well, Wafd said.

The Wafd Party added that wide-scale rigging also occurred in the Meet Ghamr district of Daqahliya. Representatives of Hassan Mohamed Kamal Abdel Samad, better known as Chef Hassan, were refused admission into the polling station.

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