Elections update: Poll results to be announced Tuesday

The results of Egypt's parliamentary election will be announced on Tuesday night or
Wednesday morning due to the high number of candidates, said Ahmed Shawqi, member of the High Elections Commission (HEC).

Shawqi added that investigations into the death of an independent candidate's son in Matariya, Cairo have concluded the boy was killed after flirting with a girl. Shawqi stressed the commission had nothing to do with the incident

The HEC received numerous polling-related complaints, the most important of which was about a shootout between supporters of Abdel Rahim al-Ghoul, an NDP candidate in Naga Hammadi, Qena, and his rival cousin.

Another complaint came from Kafr el-Dawwar's Maamal al-Zugag polling station, where supporters of different candidates attempted to break into a polling station to seize the ballot boxes

ٍShawqi denied that elections were cancelled at the Meet Ghamr constituency in Daqahlia, arguing that the district simply saw a low turnout by voters.

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