Elections stir trouble within Judges Club

The Judges Club board will meet mid-May to discuss delayed board nominations and annual elections, and to consider the repercussions the resignation of Khaled Abu Hashem, the club’s secretary general, which he recently submitted to Adel Abdel Hamid, head of the club’s general assembly.

The meeting, to be chaired by Ahmed el-Zend, the club’s chairman, comes two months after the latest board meeting. Khaled Abu Hashem is one of the most prominent figures on Ahmed el-Zend’s list of potential nominees, and his resignation is likely to cause dissent within a faction in the club led by el-Zend which currently has a firm grip on the club’s leadership, said informed sources.

Abu Hashem has refused to reveal the reasons behind his resignation, saying he will only discuss them with Abdel Hamid when the latter returns from Umra.

Four members of the board who belong to the “independent trend”–a faction that opposes el-Zend’s group in the Judges Club–had earlier submitted a memorandum to the club’s chairman requesting elections. “Nobody notified us of the date of the meeting [in mid-May]. We are only informed of the agenda of any meeting on the day of the meeting itself,” members of the group told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Meanwhile, el-Zend said these developments are internal affairs that should not be discussed outside of the board or the Supreme Judicial Council.

He emphasized the legitimacy of his board saying, “There isn’t another parallel board. It’s the current board that runs the club.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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