ElBaradei urges Nubians to internationalize their cause

Reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei on Sunday met with a delegation of Nubian activists from Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan to discuss their demands to return to their homeland in the south of Egypt.

He advised them to write to the Food and Agriculture Organization and complain about the housing project it is building on their land, and copy him in on the letter so he can follow up the matter.

“ElBaradei told us to internationalize our cause and resort to an international court,” said Nubian activist Hani Youssef.

Commenting on the New Year's Eve Alexandria church bombing, ElBaradei said “it was a sign of sectarian strife and a result of the absence of social justice.”

Meanwhile, the ruling National Democratic Party accused ElBaradei of abusing the church incident to achieve personal political goals, and of disrespecting people’s feelings.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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