ElBaradei calls on fellow presidential candidates to postpone campaigns

Presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei on Tuesday urged other candidates for the position to halt their election campaigns until the goals of the revolution have been achieved.

At a meeting with representatives from the 6th of April Youth Movement at his home, ElBaradei promised that he would convince other candidates to postpone their presidential campaigns.

"How can I do publicity if the image is not yet clear and the situation is still unstable?" ElBaradei said.

ElBaradei added that he met with Judge Hesham el-Bastawisi, another presidential candidate, who agreed to put off his campaign. 

He also highlighted the importance of keeping the people united with the military while it is running the country's affairs. He called for the formation of a presidential council approved by the different political powers to preside over Egypt's interim period.

ElBaradei called on the youth he met to ignore accusations that they receive foreign funding or are trained by European countries.

"I have been subjected to the same attacks, and my advice to you is to disregard these petty things," he said.

ElBaradei also said he does not mind being part of the presidential council he suggested, even though it would make him ineligible to run for president. He agreed with the youth representatives on the need to coordinate efforts with all political powers for the parliamentary elections scheduled for September.


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