Eid al-Adha Movies

Memory loss seems to be this Eid’s theme with a number of movies already in the cinemas and a few others rumored for release. Characters from Adel Imam to Mona Zaki are losing their memory, forgetting their friends and trying to regain their lives.

Zahaymar (Alzheimer’s)

Adel Imam’s latest debut Zahaymar is a comedic look at an older gentleman diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The film, directed by Amr Arafa and produced and distributed by Al Arabia, has already been released in cinemas across Cairo, receiving mixed reviews. The cast includes Ahmed Rateb, Nelly Karim, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Rizk and Esaad Younis, among others. The official synopsis explains that the children of Adel Imam’s character tell him he has Alzheimer’s in order to take his money and gain control of his company.

Ibn al-Onsol (The Consular’s Son)

Ibn al-Onsol is a drama/comedy starring Ahmed al-Sakka with co-stars Ghada Adel, Khaled Saleh and Sawsan Badr. The story follows a forger known as "al-Onsol" (the consular) who is caught and imprisoned. Ahmed al-Sakka pretends to be his son so he can learn his trade with the plan to replace him as the best forger in Egypt.

Bolbol Hayran (Bolbol is Confused)

Bolbol Hayran, starring Ahmed Helmy, is a comedy about a young man who suffers a concussion that leads to memory loss. The synopsis claims that he dates three women, claiming to each that he met the others first in order to keep dating them all. Co-stars include Zeina, Donia Samir Ghanem and Sherine Adel.

Mohtaram illa rob’e (A quarter to respectful)

Another movie already in cinemas this week, Mohtaram illa rob’e, is a comedy starring Mohamed Ragab. Ragab plays a caricaturist who falls in love with the daughter of a politician. In order to impress her father, Ragab sheds his dreams and tries to become "respectable" by the politician’s standards.  Co-stars include Ahmed Rateb and Rogina.

Other movies rumored to be released this Eid al-Adha include:

Bon Soiree (Good Evening)

Three girls inherit a night club after their father dies. One of the sisters is veiled and the other two are party animals so conflicts arise between the three when deciding whether to keep the nightclub or not.

Al-Wattar (The String (guitar, ligament, etc.)

Mostafa Shaaban plays a man trying to solve a murder mystery. The main suspects are four sisters. The story follows the relationship between the sisters in an effort to find the killer.

Aswar al-Amar (The Walls of the Moon)

Mona Zaki plays a woman who loses her sight and memory in a car accident. While on a boat ride, her memory comes back to her. Amr Saad and Asser Yassin also star.

Fassel wa’Niwassel (Break and we’ll return)

Karim Abdel Aziz plays a taxi driver whose wife has passed away. With only his best friend left, Abdel Aziz fights his father-in-law for his son. The father-in-law eventually kidnaps Abdel Aziz’s son and beats Abdel Aziz until he loses his memory. Abdel Aziz then must regain his memory and his son. 

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