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Eid al-Adha Destinations

Although it’s likely your Eid al-Adha plans are already in place, last minute plans are always a possibility–particularly for resort destinations like Dahab or desert camping. This weekend many people are heading out of the country. Many employees take advantage of this potential 9-day holiday to enjoy a week in Turkey or Lebanon. All the same, here are a few options for this year’s Eid al-Adha.

Ras Mohamed

Camping on the reserve at Ras Mohamed is an excellent option. If you are comfortable camping in the great outdoors, pack sleeping bags and a tent and head to Ras Mohamed for a few nights of starry skies and beautiful Red Sea side mornings. Entrance and camping will cost you approximately LE10 per person.


Although a slightly longer trip away, camping in the Western Desert's Wahat is a great option for this time of year. Plan for chilly nights–a great opportunity for a dip in the natural hot springs–and beautiful weather during the day for trekking and desert photography.


Siwa Oasis' resorts and eco-logdes are a 10-hour trip by bus from Cairo. But you’re in for a strong dose of desert and laid back relaxation. Until 1980 there was no road to Siwa but, in past years, the town has become more accessible. It apparent isolation has managed to keep the area's environmental integrity in tact. Siwa is known for its springs and wells that offer visitors a nice dip while on vacation. Siwa is home to the "Mountain of the Dead" and the residence of Cleopatra’s ‘fortune teller’.

Gouna and Hurgada

Gouna is party central this Eid. The By Ganz event team have set up a "Work It" party on Thursday that is rumored to be their biggest event yet. The tickets sell for LE350 and the party is at the DuPort in Gouna. There is an after party planned for Friday in Sahl Hashish for the opening of a new marina. For those not interested in staying in the area, Thursday night party-goers can head to Hurgada for a Judge Jules party. Although you may still be able to book in Hurgada, Gouna is already fully booked.


With no plans to disappoint, Sharm’s Pacha Club at Sanafir is also hosting Eid al-Adha parties this year. The "Official Street Dance Tour" sets up shop at the Pacha Sharm club on Wednesday, 17 November, with DJs and live vocalists. Bob Sinclair is on stage on Thursday with his Love Generation set. The Sharm Hed Kandi team are planning a Friday party. All party prices hover around LE250 to 300. Although Naama Bay is booked for Eid, if you are planning to drive to that part of the Sinai, Sharks bay and the surrounding areas are still available. Just make sure you take a taxi back to your hotel. Don’t drink and drive!


For a more relaxed and yet still roofed Eid al-Adha, head to Dahab. The "camps" there have accumulated some luxury over time but the town still holds the laid back wrap-around-pants and tye-dye shirt feel. Unlike Nuweiba and the resorts along the coast near Ras Shetan, Dahab offers an array of restaurants to chose from, a few little grocery stores, and a couple of bars for the low key pub-lovers.

Ain Sokhna

For people who want to escape for even a day, Ain Sokhna provides a nice beach-side location with hotels and residential compounds. For day use, rates this Eid will be high but if you can find someone with a home in a compound, you will at least have access to the beach. On the new road, Ain Sokhna is only 120km away and the weather this time of year is perfect for some beach side reading and relaxing.

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