EHCAAN to sign contracts of 33 Boeing B737-800 NG airplanes

Chairman of the Egyptian Holding company for Airports and Air Navigation (EHCAAN), Safwat Muslim, stated that EHCAAN will sign purchasing contracts for 33 new airplanes that can fly short, medium and long distances, as to meet the company’s operating needs as well as fulfill the replacement and renewal plan.

EHCAAN will conclude the deal after studying proposals of aircraft manufacturers that wish to fund the deal, Muslim said in a statement on Sunday.

A new eight airplane joined the company’s fleet on Friday, within a deal to buy 9 new airplanes. Boeing will deliver a ninth airplane to EHCAAN in December 2018. The number of EHCAAN’s Boeing airplanes will total 28 out of 68 airplanes.

The new airplane contains 154 seats, 16 allocated for business class and 138 seats for economy class. It is equipped with large LED lighting to foster travelers’ relaxation and USB power outlets to charge phones, computers and LED. The distance between seats is 32 inches in economy class and 45 inches in business class. Additionally, it contains a Video on Demand system to display the latest feature and documentary films.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 


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