Egypt’s Transport Ministry announces price increases for air-conditioned train tickets

Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir announced that prices for new and air-conditioned trains would increase by 25 percent, such as the Cairo-Alexandria ticket rising to LE125 from LE100.

Al-Masry Al-Youm also published the new train schedule taking into effect from Thursday, July 30.

Train 1006, the Cairo-Sohag line, runs from Cairo station at 6:00 am, arriving at 12:20 pm Sohag.

Train 1007, the Sohag – Cairo line runs from Sohag station at five pm to reach Cairo 12:00 am.

Train 1004, the Cairo-Assiut line, runs from Cairo station at 8:15 am, arriving in Assiut 12:30 pm.

Train 1005, the Assiut – Cairo line, departs from Assiut station at 5:30 pm, arriving at 11:45 pm Cairo.

Train 1031, the Cairo-Alexandria line runs from Cairo station at 8:10 am to reach Alexandria 11:05 am.

Train 1030, the Alexandria-Cairo line runs from Alexandria station at 4:30 pm to reach Cairo 7:25 pm.

On July 18 Wazir inaugurated the first batch of new trains at Cairo’s Misr Station in the presence of the Railway Authority leaders.

The ministry saw off a lineup of four trains set to enter service in the near future.

The first is a completely new train consisting of the new American General Electric tractor and Russian wagons. Egypt has thus far received 70 new tractors from a total of 260 and 33 wagons, as part of a deal to manufacture and supply 1,300 new Russian wagons of various grades.

The second train consists of a new tractor, VIP vehicles and Top VIP vehicles assembled at Egypt’s SEMAF factory.

The third consists of a new tractor and Spanish wagons developed and rehabilitated by the Railways Authority, which also renovated 90 Spanish wagons.

The fourth consists of a new tractor and standard third-grade vehicles developed at the Arab Organization for Industrialization’s SEMAF plant.

The minister inspected the new trains, adored with roses and the flags of Egypt, and met with a number of passengers present at the station eager to see the new trains off and take their photos with them.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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