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Egypt’s rate of population growth is four times that of China: official

Egypt’s rate of population growth is four times that of China, according to the Advisor to the Minister of Health for Population Affairs in Egypt, Amr Hassan.

In televised statements, he discussed the indicators of population growth in the country, saying that overpopulation occurs due to the nation’s small residential area which only recently reached 14 percent of Egypt’s total area.

Egypt aims to reduce population growth rates, and to reduce disparities between governorates and supply resources, he said.

It is not population size that is the issue but the rate of increase, he stressed, as it requires building schools and housing and providing resources beyond the capacity of the state.

Egypt has spent billions of pounds to keep up with its rapidly growing populace, Hassan said, referring to the increase in the number of students in educational classes over the past few years.

The country’s population is expected to increase to 160 million people by the year 2050, while in 2020 Egypt ranked 13th in its growth population in the world.

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