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Ministry of Health warns of 3 fake cosmetic products

Egypt’s Ministry of Health issued a warning regarding fraudulent and unregistered containers for 3 cosmetics, including Botox, Amoxy 20%, and the Zytiga 500 mg tab.

The ministry stressed in leaflet No. 31 of 2019 the need to control and seize fake products present in local market and government units, including the fake containers of Botox products originally  produced by the Allergan company.

Botox aims to prevent the contraction of mica muscles, which cause wrinkles. The drug reduces signs of skin aging and is used for aesthetic purposes, mostly for women who desire a more youthful appearance.

The Ministry also warned of unregistered containers of the veterinary product Amoxy 20%, which is used in the treatment of poultry’s gastrointestinal infections. The produce is originally produced by the Arab Company for Gelantinium products.

The ministry revealed that the product was not registered in the ministry’s database.

The ministry warned of the unregistered and fake cosmetic Zytiga 500 mg tab, saying that price of the original cosmetic is LE46,611 and contains 60 tablets.

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