Egypt’s metro trains to run for 21 and a half hours during Ramadan

The Egyptian Company for the Management and Operation of the Metro announced Monday that the metro will operate for 21 and a half hours instead of 20 during this Ramadan.

The company set the schedule of the last train for the first line from Helwan station at 12:15 am, to reach the new Al-Marj station at 1:45 am, and from the new Al-Marj station at 12:30 am to reach Helwan at two am.

The company also set up the schedule for the second line, with the last train to move from Shubra al-Khaima station and al-Munib station at 12:35 am.

For the third line,  the last train will move from Adly Mansour station at 12:15 am, and al-Ataba station at 12:55 am.

The company added that the trains will move starting 5:30 AM in all three lines.


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