Egypt’s meteorologists inform citizens that the time to wear warmer clothes is after May 3

Following questions on social media from Egyptians eager to know when warmer weather will settle, meteorologists have stated that clothes for summer can start being worn after Sham al-Nessim Day on May 3.

Until then, experts have advised citizens to keep dressing for winter especially during the night and early morning,  as the weather will fluctuate continuously. The Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasts at the General Authority of Meteorology Mahmoud Shaheen explained that the ends of the seasons are always volatile, especially the winter season, and so temperatures will rise and fall.

“We are heading towards the spring season, which is a transitional season between winter and summer. During this season, the country will go through a wave of hot weather due to the presence of an air depression and a temperature depression in Al-Sahra Al-Kobra, located in the east of Libya, and is expected to extend to the Western Sahara region in Egypt and affect the rest of Egyptian governorates” he said.

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