Egypt’s Meteorological Authority releases rainfall map for December 15-17

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority on Thursday has released a map of expected rainfall locations from Tuesday to Thursday.


Tuesday, December 15

Moderate to heavy rainfall is predicted at the northwesterly coasts including Alexandria, Matrouh, Salloum, Rashid, Baltem, Damietta, and Port Said.

Moderate rains are anticipated at Kafr al-Shiekh, al-Behiera, Daqahlia, Gharbia, Sharqia, Monofya, Ismalia, and Suez.


Sands will disturb areas including the eastern coasts, Sinai, Lower Egypt, Cairo, Canal cities, and Upper Egypt, affecting the horizontal visibility.


Wednesday, December 16

The north coasts witness medium to heavy rains in several cities including Rashid, Baltem, Damietta, PortSaid, al-Arish, and Rafah.

Moderate rainfall is expected at the northwesterly coasts, including Alexandria, Matrouh, and Salloum, and Greater Cairo.

The Delta governorates, canal cities, South SinaiĀ  and northern Upper Egypt will see light to moderate rains.

Winds will be active on several areas at the northern coasts.


Thursday, December 17

Light rainfall is predicted throughout the northern coasts.


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