Egypt’s Interior Ministry: We will not allow more protests

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior Affairs said on Wednesday that it will no longer permit any demonstrations and will take steps against those arrested during Tuesday’s nationwide protests.

Security forces were able to arrest around 400 of the thousands of protesters who staged demonstrations yesterday calling for political and economic reform, according to reports from rights groups.

“No more protests or marches will be allowed,” the ministry  said in a statement. “Immediate legal procedures will commence. Participants will be referred for investigations.”

Protesters injured 103 policemen, said the ministry, which accused demonstrators of setting vehicles on fire, breaking into a public building and setting it on fire and blocking traffic.

According to the ministry, such protests lead to turmoil in the country.

The police ended the protest staged by "rioters" in Tahrir Square, one of the biggest squares in Cairo on Tuesday, noted the statement, which added that police also dispersed many protests in other Egyptian cities.

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