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Egypt’s cigarette prices to increase once more following new VAT tax

The head of Chamber of Commerce’s Tobacco Division Ibrahim Imbaby revealed the expected new cigarette prices after the House of Representatives approved a draft law amending some provisions of the Value Added Tax Law to increase cigarette and tobacco taxes.

The draft law included an increase in the fixed table tax on cigarette products in the local market by 50 piasters for the three segments (lower, middle and upper), in addition to raising the price of heated tobacco and electronic cigarette devices.

He explained on Sunday that the price of “Cleopatra and others like it”, the lowest category, will not exceed LE 30, as the law stated that the maximum for it is LE 31, adding: “Companies will leave one pound for price fluctuations.”

Imbaby explained that the price of the middle category (LM and others) will not exceed LE 43, and the price of the upper category (such as Marlboro) will be from LE 55 to LE 60, per the new increases in the tax value.

Cigarette prices on the market as of Sunday:

  • 1- The price of a pack of Cleopatra cigarettes is about LE 48.
  • 2-The price of a pack of Cleopatra Box cigarettes is about LE 50.
  • 3- The price of a pack of LM Blue cigarettes is about LE 60.
  • 4- The price of a pack of LM Red cigarettes is about LE 60.

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