Egypt’s cabinet threatens reviewing legal status of Islamic parties

Egypt’s government said on Thursday that all political parties must abide by the existing party formation law, in particular its stipulation that parties not be formed on religious basis.  

The cabinet asserted in a statement that it would review the commitment of political parties to the law, to ensure the integrity of political practice while building democracy.

The statement noted that in light of the recent conflicting slogans and foreign flags raised by some political groups, the cabinet felt that it needed to express its deep concern.

It added that the government supports maintaining Egypt’s national identity, in which people live in a civil state based on the Constitution, supremacy of law, social justice, equality and respect for human rights.

Islamists have called for a state governed by Sharia law, and some Salafi parties raised the Saudi Arabian flag in a Tahrir Square protest on 29 July, stressing what they saw as Egypt’s Islamic identity.

The cabinet asserted it would move toward achieving the goals of the revolution by first restoring security and stability, and then stimulating the economy and pushing for political and democratic transformation.

The body reiterated its commitment to securing places of worship and freedom of religious practice.

The cabinet called on all citizens to demonstrate their love for Egypt through work, and to express their visions for the future through democratic debate, adding that citizens have the right to demonstrate peacefully within the limits of law.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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