Egypt’s armed forces wipe out 40 terrorists in Sinai: Military Official

Egypt’s Armed Forces on Tuesday killed 15 takfiri insurgents in Sinai, Military Spokesperson Tamer al-Refai announced, adding to the 25 eliminated in strikes on 437 terrorist hotbeds since September 1 until December 8 for a total of 40 wiped out.

Up to 77 militants were killed and one arrested since July 22 up until Sunday.

Egypt’s General Command of the Armed Forces announced on Sunday that the armed forces have eliminated 77 takfiri militants and arrested another one from July 22 until Sunday.

The Sunday statement explained that this comes as part of the army’s efforts to combat terrorism at all of Egypt’s strategic borders.

Combat operations destroyed 317 hideouts housing terrorist elements, with explosives, cars and spare motorcycle parts found in North Sinai.

A large number of shelters containing food supplies for the terrorists were also destroyed.

The General Command added that the Air Force succeeded in targeting and destroying nine four-wheeled vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition while attempting to penetrate the western borders.

Egypt has been battling a wave of terrorism which has killed hundreds of security forces and personnel since the army toppled late President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, in response to mass protests against his one-year rule.

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