Egypt’s activists call on followers to urinate on Israeli Embassy wall

Activists are urging Egyptians to urinate on the cement barrier recently constructed to protect the Israeli Embassy in Giza from protesters.

An Egyptian contracting company started building the 100-meter barrier Saturday.

The wall, which is three meters high, replaces an iron fence that protesters smashed last month after an Israeli border raid sparked hundreds of angry demonstrators to gather at the embassy.

Five Egyptian security and police officers were killed during the raid on 18 August as Israel targeted militants who had attacked a bus in Eilat.

Popular calls for Egypt to expel the Israeli ambassador and review the 1979 peace treaty have also gained momentum in the wake of the incident.

The Facebook page “A call for peeing on the wall before the Israeli Embassy” was created Tuesday but did not specify a date for the event.

According to the page, the idea was inspired by Egypt's use of water to breach Israel's Sinai fortifications during the 1973 war.

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