Egyptians shot at Jordan-Syria border

The Egyptian Embassy in Amman is negotiating the release of six Egyptians arrested while crossing the border into Syria.

Border guards reportedly shot at the six people, injuring at least two who were then sent to a hospital in Amman.

Egyptian Consul to Amman Sherif Mokhtar visited the two men, who are in stable condition in the hospital after sustaining leg and neck injuries.

The men reportedly told Mokhtar that they traveled to Jordan legally on work contracts and then intended to cross the border into Syria or Lebanon to find employment harvesting apples. They said they did not know the fate of their four companions.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry and embassies in Damascus and Amman have issued several warnings about the risks of attempting to cross Syrian borders, but this has not deterred many from making the attempt.  

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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