Egyptian wrestler Bagdouda’s father grateful to Sisi for scholarship granted to his son

Fouad Bagdouda, the father of Egyptian wrestler Ahmed Bagdouda, expressed his happiness over President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi granting his son a scholarship at the National Academy for Training.

“I thank President Sisi…we were born in this country, we will live in it, and we will die in it,” Bagdouda’s father said in statements on Channel One.

“I am very happy with President al-Sisi’s step. I have endured a lot during the past days, and President Sisi is the spiritual father of Egyptians.”

“My son and I haven’t communicated since he traveled to France. The issue of his travel to France has come heavily under spotlight, so I tell my son: return to Egypt, this is our country where we live and will die,” the father said.

“I want my son to stay in my lap, and I am proud of him. He will be a pride for Egypt and a great joy after the president’s directives. I thank President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, after he intervened to save my son, at the right time, praise be to God,” Bagdouda’s father added, Wednesday, in a phone call to cbc channel.

Sisi ordered granting Egyptian young wrestler Bagdouda, who fled to France, a training scholarship at the National Training Academy, media outlets reported.

The Egyptian Wrestling Federation announced, a few days ago, that Bagdouda disappeared, during the African Championship held in Tunisia from May 15 to May 21.

The young Egyptian wrestler won second place in the 63 kg category, as part of preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The player reportedly made the decision to flee because of the deduction of LE14,000 in taxes from the player’s reward, estimated at LE16,000.

Measures have been taken against Young Egyptian wrestler, Ahmed Fouad Bagdouda, who traveled to France, without a permission from the Egyptian Wrestling Federation, Secretary General of the Egyptian Wrestling Federation Mahmoud al-Sayed confirmed earlier in a statement.

Sayed said in televised statements that the Egyptian embassy informed him that Bagdouda traveled to Paris.

He noted that France is trying to attract distinguished wrestlers, and has a team from all countries of the world.

According to Sayed, Bagdouda left his bag in his hotel room and turned off his phone before the Egyptian mission participating in the tournament discovered his absence.

Some members of the mission said Bagdouda possessed a visa for the EU countries.

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