Egyptian Tourism Ministry releases report showing off tourism sector’s revival

After ensuring transparent monitoring, the Egyptian Tourism Ministry released a report displaying innovations launched in the sector by the Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP). The report was presented to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization Zurab Pololikashvili.

The report detailed the significant involvement of the human element and of women in particular in the sector, the ministry’s global exhibitions, the awards recently granted to the ministry, cultural tourism, renovations to Egyptian hotels and more.

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat congratulated Egyptians on the latest report released by World Economic Forum on the development of the tourism sector in Egypt and indicated that Egypt’s revenues from tourism have increased by 28 percent to record US$12.6 billion in 2018/19, according to an official statement released on Thursday, October 3.

“During the past 10 months, we worked relentlessly with our domestic and international partners on each of the five pillars of reform,” Mashat stated.

The Egyptian minister paid tribute to the unprecedented efforts carried out for the Egypt—Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP) launched in November 2018. The program was tailored to deliver an up-to-date and idiosyncratic depiction of Egypt’s touristic spots.

Since its kick-off, many collaborative projects have been carried out under the program, including the New Hospitality Criteria program for Egyptian hotels that was revealed last September.

The newly revealed hospitality criteria is a joint effort between the Ministry of Tourism, the World Tourism Organization and the Egyptian Hotel Association, according to Mashat’s statements during a press conference.

Mashat vowed that the freshly launched program will prompt Egyptian hotels to become more eco-friendly and take into consideration vital issues such as sanitation and health. She pointed to the fruitful cooperations between the three ministries–tourism, health, and environment–to come up with a constructive program.

Egypt’s promotional video campaign titled “People To People” was granted the Middle East’s Best Promotional Film Award by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in September. The promotional video is the third part of a bigger campaign for the Promotion & Marketing branch of the Egypt — Tourism Reform Program (E—TRP).

Egypt’s Tourism Ministry in May announced that Egypt will partner with CNN to promote Egyptian tourism, specifically without relying on stereotypes.

Egypt won the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Champion Award at the 2019 Global Summit in Seville, Spain, for its significant leadership role in promoting tourism resilience, according to an official statement released by WWTC on Thursday, April 4.

The annual WWTC awards are devoted to celebrating tourism officials or touristic countries that support impactful initiatives and policies promoting tourism sectors’ improvement and increasing competition in the world of tourism.

Although the tourism sector was heavily affected by the 2011 revolution and a series of attacks on foreigner visitors, it is well on the road to recovering.

Research by WWTC highlights Egypt’s impressive 16.5 percent growth rate. WWTC believes that this growth is owed to the newly developed security infrastructure that led tourists to return to Egyptian tourist attractions, including the Egyptian shores. Several global tourism companies have resumed their trips to Egypt.

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