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Egyptian singer Angham slams Israeli army spokesperson

Egyptian singer Angham has lashed out at Israeli spokesperson Avichay Adraee, who had responded to an earlier comment from her as tensions continue escalating over the conflict.

Angham made a post on Monday saying she was praying for Adraee’s death after he asked civilians in Gaza to evacuate due to aerial bombardment by Israeli air fighters.

The singer commented on a post at the X website (formerly Twitter) when Adraee had earlier asked the residents of the town of Zaytoun in the Gaza Strip to evacuate to the south of the strip.

“May God take you and relieve us from your seeing your face,” was the singer’s response.

Adraee, shared a picture of Angham on his X account, saying: “Dear artist Angham, who is supposed to be of a degree of sophistication in her publications. God will take back all His servants and there is no one who lives on this earth forever. But the difference is there are those who will meet a painful torment in the afterlife, and there are those who will be [granted] God the Almighty’s mercy for their humane actions.”

“I hope you will not fall into the first category for supporting the plan of #ISIS_Hamas, who killed, raped, and burned Israeli civilians while they were sleeping, and pushed their people toward hell with the actions of human animals,” he added.

In response, Angham wrote: “You do not deserve politeness in speech or interaction. My name is #Angham, an Egyptian Arab singer. Do you know what Egyptian means? I mean #Egypt. Sophistication and politeness are for the classy, not with those like you, #Zionist. We Egyptians know humanity well. Do you remember when we sent you your captives covered in their pajamas, after the Egyptian army defeated you in the 1973 war and #Sinai was returned from you occupiers? You usurpers, humanity is innocent of people like you and innocent of the actions of your group and your brutal #Nazi, children, women and innocent civilians’ killer army. Religion is innocent of your actions and lies (and for every action there is a reaction).”

“Look how many things you have done since the day you occupied the land of #Palestine… #Palestine and its people are resisting a brutal, crazy, rapist occupier. Oh, you killers of children, even animals are innocent of your brutality,” she concluded.

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