Egyptian Railway Authority’s 2009 spending revealed

The Egyptian Railway Authority (ERA) spent LE322 million from the 2009 state budget on services last year, including LE650,000 on sniffer dogs to protect foreign delegations and tourists at main train stations, LE540,000 to bury victims of train crashes, and another LE500,000 to equip trains carrying officials.

The ERA made LE1470 million from ticket sales in 2009 as compared with LE1126 million in 2008. It also made LE236 million in revenues from cargo transport, compared to LE200 million in 2008.

Losses decreased, from LE870 million in 2008 to LE177 million in 2009.

The ERA also spent LE233 million on kerosene, oil, gasoline and lubricants for trains, and LE2.5 million on gasoline, lubricants and repair work for cars driven by ERA officials. The trains authority spent LE14 million on electricity and water, and another LE14 million on services provided to officials from the interior ministry.

End of year results also showed that the ERA spent LE5 million on stationery and LE3 million on printing tickets.

The ERA spent LE43 million on employee bonuses and LE1.5 million on employee allowances.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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