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Egyptian Meteorological Authority announces temporary break in heatwave

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has issued a weather forecast for the current period, coinciding with the heatwave and the noticeable rise in temperatures that the country has been witnessing this week.

Heatwave continues

Manar Ghanem, a member of the EMA’s media center, stated that the intense heatwave that has been affecting the weather since the beginning of the week is continuing. She explained that most governorates in the country are experiencing temperatures that are 6 to 8 degrees Celsius above normal.

Causes of heatwaves

Ghanem attributed the rise in temperatures to the influence of hot desert air masses coming from the Arabian Peninsula deserts and carrying high temperatures. This leads to the noticeable rise in temperatures that the country is witnessing.

She also explained that the rise in temperatures is also due to the presence of an extension of a high-pressure system in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which makes the atmosphere very sunny during the day and contributes to the rise in temperatures. She pointed out that there is a continuation of the extremely hot weather in most of the governorates of Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo, and the governorates of North and South Upper Egypt and South Sinai.

Nighttime weather

As for the weather conditions at night, the media center member stated that the atmosphere will remain hot in most governorates, especially inland areas. She noted that some areas, especially the north coast, new cities, and wide-open spaces, may experience winds at speeds of between 30 and 35 km/h during the evening and night hours.

She added that the wind activity helps to make the temperatures feel a little lower, but it will not have a significant impact because the rise in temperatures is noticeable. She added that the intense heatwave is expected to continue on Saturday but with lower temperatures than Friday.

Brief temperature dip

On Sunday and Monday, the weather is expected to see a decrease in temperatures by 4 to 5 degrees Celsius, but this is a slight and temporary decrease. Temperatures are expected to rise again gradually from Tuesday until the end of next week.

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