Egyptian Manpower Ministry issues new regulations for foreigners’ work permits

Caretaker Manpower and Migration Minister Nahed Ashry issued a new decree on rules and regulations of issuing work permits for foreigners in Egypt.
According to the decree, the work permit can be issued for a year or less, following the payment of fees estimated at LE3,000 a year, and in case the permit is renewed for another two years.
Renewals starting from the fourth to the sixth years would cost LE5,000 for each year, read the decree.
Fees will then increase by LE1000 more, starting from year seven and for every following year with a maximum limit of LE12,000.
The foreigners are prohibited from working in Egypt without having a work permit issued from the Ministry of Manpower and Migration, the decree stipulated.
The decree also highlighted that the number of foreigners working in an institution would not exceed 10 percent of the total number of workers.
The ministry also prohibited foreigners from working in a number of professions in Egypt, including tourist guidance, exports and imports companies, and customs clearance.

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