Egyptian-Italian man murdered in London after ‘making eye contact’ with locals

A young Egyptian man, who holds Italian citizenship, was reportedly murdered Monday when four locals stabbed him in the parking garage of a mall in Romford, a large town in east London, according to Italian news agency ANSA

Hossam Ali Eissa lived with his family in Dagenham. ANSA reported that he did not have a police record or any history of problems with neighbors or his work.

Hossam was waiting for his fiancée in the mall car park when four locals cornered him after he made eye contact with them, saying that the look in his eyes was “unpleasant”. The group then stabbed him as he tried to escape; Hossam died on the way to hospital.

The Evening Standard reported that this was the 14th fatal stabbing in London in a month.

ANSA reported that three of the locals were under 18, so local police referred to trial in juvenile court.

Hossam, 20, was born in Egypt and lived in Italy for 14 years due to his parents’ work. He became an Italian citizen after some time.

An official from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry told Egypt Independent on condition of anonymity that the ministry is following the media reports on the incident with great interest.

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