Egyptian government proposes maximum wage 36 times the minimum

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hazem Beblawi has proposed a maximum wage for state employees, set at 36 times the minimum wage.

A statement issued by the Egyptian government said the proposal came at a special ministerial committee meeting to address disparities in salaries and wages under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf on Monday.

On 1 August , the Egyptian government raised the monthly minimum wage for government employees from LE400 to LE700 (about US$117).

According to Beblawi’s proposal, the maximum wage would be LE25,200 per month (about US$4235).

The statement also said that the proposed maximum wage takes into account the average inflation rate under stable conditions, and the respective years of experience over 38 years, the official career span.

It also takes into account an average annual increase of 10 percent, so as to achieve social justice and reflect expertise and qualifications.

Prime Minister Sharaf has tasked the Central Agency for Organization and Administration with implementing the proposal as of January 2012.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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